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Squeaking Brakes, Brake Pulsations/Shaking, Brake Grinding, Pulling and Fading, Brake Rotors, Pads, Shoes

Our St. Paul based repair store has years of experience in automotive brake repair to keep you and the passengers in your vehicle safe. Brake problems are fairly easy to diagnose and usually noticeable to you, the driver. If you suspect that your vehicle might have brake problems, don't wait to have your brakes inspected.

If left to worsen, brake problems will grow and become substantially dangerous. It is important to resolve any squeaking brakes, brake pulsations/shaking, brake grinding and brake pulling immediately before you are unable to safely stop your vehicle. Our Auto Service Center can diagnose your specific brake situation and differentiate problematic brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors and more.

Common symptoms of brake problems:

  • squeaking brakes

  • brake pulsations/shaking

  • brake grinding

  • brake pulling

Interested in Learning More?

If you suspect that your car, truck, or SUV needs new brakes or brake repair, contact Toufong Towing in St. Paul at 612-998-6538

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