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Check Engine Soon, Repair and Service. Engine Soon Light Repair

The "service/check engine soon" light is triggered in your car because your vehicle's computer has been notified of an engine-related issue. Since the computer monitors many different things ranging from very serious to rather minor issues, it is important to get your vehicle's engine inspected immediately after receiving this notification.

Our car repair center in St. Paul has years of experience diagnosing and solving your vehicle's computer problems. To diagnose the problem we use a computer scanner to determine what triggered the light, and then inspect every area this issue could be linked to. The reason your check engine light may come on will vary vastly. From a specific engine sensor to very extensive troubleshooting, have confidence that our mechanics can solve even the most complex engine issues.


It is important to remember that that if an engine light is ignored, your vehicle's computer will continuously attempt to compensate for the malfunction - thus causing other, potentially more severe damage.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact the computer diagnostics consultants at 612-998-6538 in St. Paul to speak with us about any concerns you may have with your car, truck, or SUV.

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