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Muffler Repair and Replacement, Exhuast Repair and Replacement

Our repair center in St. Paul has the training and experience necessary to repair your specific exhaust and muffler problems. Odds are good that only parts of your exhaust need to be replaced or repaired if you catch the problem before it spreads.

  • Watch for the following exhaust symptoms:

  • Excessive engine idle or run noise

  • Rattling noise, especially under acceleration

  • Change in engine note under acceleration

If an exhaust leak is left to worsen it may likely cause excessive carbon monoxide output, and/or sparks which, under worst case scenario, potentially cause an explosion. St. Paul exhaust problems and repairs aren't uncommon due to the winters our vehicles are exposed to in the Midwest. Short trips, especially during cold weather, leave a lot of condensation in the exhaust system which is usually responsible for accelerated exhaust wear.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us at 612-998-6538 for your St. Paul exhaust repair and replacement needs to schedule an appointment or discuss your concerns related to your car, truck, or SUV. 

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