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Transmission Repair, Rebuild, Replacement, Trans Fluid Flush

Our full service auto repair center in St. Paul brings you the necessary years of experience to accurately diagnose and repair any transmission problems your vehicle may be experiencing. The repair of an automatic or manual transmission is very complex. When diagnosing a transmission problem, it is important to make certain that the engine operates properly so that it is not mis-diagnosed. If your engine operation is incorrect, the transmission will receive the wrong information, so sometimes what is thought to be a transmission problem can actually be an engine problem - or what was thought to be an engine problem can actually be a transmission problem.

Watch for the following transmission symptoms:

  • Slips when put in gear

  • Slow to engage in gear

  • Clunking or grinding when switching gears

  • Hard, slow, or jerky shifts

The St. Paul transmission repair and re-build technicians at Toufong Towing can properly diagnose your vehicle to ensure that your transmission is repaired properly, but only if it is absolutely necessary. The cost effective approach we take begins with only repairing what needs fixing.

Interested in Learning More?

If your car, truck, or SUV is experiencing what could be a transmission problem, contact Toufong Towing in St. Paul at 612-998-6538 to speak with us.

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